Did you know it's possible to orgasm through every cell of your body? That you can feel sexual energy running out to your fingers and toes and circulate it throughout your body with your breath? Did you know that you can orgasm out through the top of your head, and that you can have heart-gasms and throat-gasms?

This evening we will explore the possibilities for deeper and richer pleasure in your whole body. You´ll play with breath, touch, visualisations and sound to activate energy in yourself and others. Full body orgasm is not just a wonderful tool for more pleasure in your life, but it can also release tensions in the body armor, clear emotions and fill the body with bliss and juicy life force energy.

A full body orgasm can even open up your higher senses and connect you with multidimensional experiences. Men and women alike, it's for everyone.

Price: 300kr


Date and time: Weds 29th Jan 7pm - 11pm

During this evening workshop, you will:

– Learn the theory of energy orgasms

– Learn about and practice orgasmic breathing

– Understand the importance of session framing

– Witness a session demonstration

– Have the opportunity to give a session

– Have the opportunity to receive a session

Note that parts of this workshop will be "clothing optional". That means you can expect to encounter nudity and running of sexual energy if you attend.

This workshop is the second in a series of workshops to “Awake your Ecstatic Body”. The series will comprise of two weekday evening workshops and an in depth weekend retreat focused on de-armouring, energy work and full body orgasm.

See more information about the first workshop here:https://www.facebook.com/events/187285001614829/

See more information about the weekend retreat her: link coming

About Sanna Sanita

The workshop will be led by Sanna Sanita who professionally works with Sacred Sexual Healing and works with de-armouring and energy techniques on a daily basis. Her approach utilizes knowledge of trigger points and energy work and place focus on authentic space holding with love and presence.

Sanna has broad experience working with the whole person in the areas of tantra, shamanism and healing. Her passion is to support personal empowerment and freedom. Sanna creates a safe space and facilitates with respectful ease and a sense of humor. Read more about her atwww.sannasanita.com

Sanna will be assisted during this workshop by Mia Lyberth