Mid Winter Retreat!

Five day Intensive Heart and Body opening retreat. 

This is about personal empowerment and alignment, opening of the heart, and living your truth. A retreat during the darkest time of the year for those who feel the urgency to work on themselves until only light remains.

Lead by experienced teachers De'an Matuka and Sanna Sanita and supported by a skilled team of space holders, this is an adventure that will guide you deeper into your beautiful heart and the highest expression of yourself as an embodied spirit. 

Together, we will explore ways of truthful relating, increasing life force energy in your body, looking at the boundaries you set for yourself, learning to safely release a build-up of strong emotions, releasing shame and guilt, sexual healing, exploring how to be raw, real and vulnerable, exposing hidden power, and transforming fear into action, stagnant energy into healthy flow, and shadow into light. 

Workshops will cover: 
- De-armouring (external and internal): The theory of emotional and body de-armouring; understanding the mechanics of emotional patterns and how to work with them. 
- Yoni, sacred spot and Lingam de-armouring and massage.
- Pressure points (where to touch, how & why): The many points on the body, and many ways of touching, that can facilitate the opening and the healing process. 
- Reparenting: The theory of re-parenting, what are mama/papa issues, and recognizing early childhood patterns and how they affect your life. 
- Space holding: How to create a space of trust, safety and relaxation for another to surrender and show up in deep vulnerability, becoming aware of the power of the “space” you create. 
- Masculine/Feminine polarity: helping men to step into their masculine power, and heal their connection to the feminine, and opportunity for women to heal their relationship with the masculine. 
- Wheel of Consent: Learn how to touch, take and receive, in alignment with integrity and heart. 
- Conscious communication in relating: learn to speak your truth and express desires
- Advanced non-verbal communication skills: Learn how to read the body and its subtle signs, tools for become socially masterful, eloquent and confident, increasing connection to your instinctual, authentic self, turning awkwardness into confidence. 
- Shadow work and exploration: Learn to pinpoint and transform yourself and others when being out of alignment.
- Energy work: Playing with various ways of opening each other up, energetically and sensually. 
- Boundary setting: Understanding and clarifying your boundaries, physically and emotionally. 

This retreat is an opportunity to expand and grow into a new powerful you, so you can live your life with even more integrity, clarity, alignment, and juicy relating. It is open for everyone, ­we welcome you whether you are single or in a relationship, curious, experienced or professional and regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

The retreat includes: 
- Three workshops each day
- Play-parties and sexy adventures
- Therapy and transformational processing
- Relaxing in front of the fire or in the sauna
- Gourmet vegetarian food
- Comfy accommodation
- Cacao ceremony
- Amazing wild nature for nourishing walks. 

3rd - 7th February 2016

Elontuli Center (1h from Helsinki), Finland
Beautiful dedicated retreat canter in the middle of countryside

Early bird €480 ( if booked before 10th December)

To register and secure your spot send mail to; dean@lovecore.me

For more info about;
Sanna Sanita - www.sannasanita.com
De'an Matuka - www.lovecore.me