Do you want to learn how to increase sensitivity, release trauma/tension, and enter into full body orgasms? Do you want to take a deep dive into methods that activate ecstatic potential in order to open to higher states of consciousness? Do you want to learn how the orgasmic energy can be a highway to cleanse and purify your body and mind?

In this weekend intensive you will learn about and practice how to conduct life force energy to increase your feeling of joy, with the purpose of directing this energy into manifestations in your life. You will learn specific pressure points, techniques and methods of how to conduct and activate energy in yourself and others, and how to raise your own frequency in order to live a more fullfilled life - from within. 

Teachings and tools we will practice:

⋄ Mind & Matter Techniques; How to transform disempowering thoughts and beliefs
⋄ The Attitude of Pleasure; How to gain more sexual pleasure and enjoyment in life
. The art of touch, and what difference that make.
⋄ De-armoring ; What creates armor in the body and specific pressure points for physical, emotional and mental de-armoring. 
⋄ Learn specific pressure points for energy activation; Explore various ways to activate, focus and move energy, and practice how to give and recieve a session
. Sound, breath and movement as stepping stones for body awarness
. Basic Kriya Yoga; learn specific breathing techniques to increase life force energy in your body
⋄ Throat activation; Practical ways of openening the throat chakra for healing.
⋄ Orgasmic breathing; foundations to breath yourself into an full body energy orgasm
. Manifest your reality; how to use sexual energy as a tool to manifest your desires in the world
⋄ Lots of dancing, sharing, play and inspiration!

Friday: 18.30 - 21.30, introduction
Saturday: 10.00 - 19.00
Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00

Cost: 2500 kr, Couple: 4400 kr.

Tickets here:

Men and women alike, this weekend is for you whether you are curious, experienced, newbie or a sexual healing practitioner. 

Note that parts of this weekend intensive will be "clothing optional". That means you can expect to encounter nudity and running of sexual energy if you attend.

All exercises are optional and the weekend is simply an invitation into methods and practices to become a more empowered, sensual, joyful, ecstatic being. Sideeffects of increased sexual energy flow might be a more fullfilled life and grounded relationship with yourself and others.

About Sanna Sanita
The workshop will be led by Sanna Sanita who professionally works with Sacred Sexual Healing and works with de-armouring and energy techniques on a daily basis. Her approach utilizes knowledge of trigger points and energy work and place focus on authentic space holding with love and presence.
Sanna has broad experience working with the whole person in the areas of tantra, shamanism and healing. Her passion is to support personal empowerment and freedom. Sanna creates a safe space and facilitates with respectful ease and a sense of humor. Read more about her

Sanna will be assisted during this workshop by Mia Lyberth