Expanding Your Ecstasy!

Most of us are conditioned to seek value through actions and outer validation. Many people walk through life semi-satisfied and OK with what is. OK... is that enough?
- What if you could peel of the layers and programs and manifest a life YOU desire!?

Most of us are also programmed to feel that sexual energy is somewhat “ugly” “shameful” or sinful”. And because of that sexuality is profoundly distorted in modern society.
- What would happen if we became sexually liberated empowered beings?

In this workshop we we will explore un-traditional ways of self-empowerment. We will practise how to activate source energy in our bodies and cultivate inner orgasmic stamina. This practise is in ourselves and with ourselves.

When we learn to conduct sexual energy as life force energy we burn through unhealthy patterns and blockages in the body. We can learn to embrace our feminine sensual side and feel that we are making love to the universe. Here we surrender to something greater than ourselves. Our power and self esteem can naturally grow and it will impact our relationship to ourselves and others. Not to forget, that it will give us a far more pleasurable sex life when shared with a partner.

In “Expanding Your Ecstasy!” we will practice:

  • How to activate/circulate sexual energy in the body

  • Methods and techniques for empowerment and sense activation

  • Ways to surrender and allow life force energy to flow

  • Activating orgasmic energy as a healing modality

  • How to touch and how to be touched

  • How to trust your inner knowing and wisdom

All exercises are optional, clothes on.

About the facilitator: Sanna Sanita’s passion is to support our awakening to our true potentials as human beings. She believes we are powerful beyond measure but we only use a fractal of our potentials. Her endless curiosity for truth has brought her around the globe, many turns, to study with various traditions and paths. She currently share through, but not limited to, sacred sexuality & conscious relating, tantra, personal empowerment and liberation - both in private sessions, workshops and trainings.

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