Unlock Ecstasy!
Ectstic Living, Pleasure and Empowerment

see Link to event: https://tinyurl.com/unlockecstasy

Do you know that sexual energy and pleasure can be felt in every part of your body? That pleasure is also a matter of an attitude? When we let go of the idea about what pleasure and orgasm is, and where we can feel it...then we can have direct access to an ecstatic current within, and evern access altered states of consciousness.

We are energy beings, vibrant, radiant, sensitive and more than most of us know, incredible potent. We are programmed, conditioned and rarely initiated to bodies capacity of feeling and cultivating sexual energy - life force energy, creative force.

When we learn to activate ourself, despite another, not dependent on another - we become more fulfilled and will automaticcaly serve and give to our surrounding instead of wanting and needing.

To active sexual energy in our bodies, is not only a gateway to fulfillment from within. Its also much more delightful and empowering way to meet another being. It brings more Joy and confidence in our every day life, it activates our feel good hormones and works as healing. It can be used a creative source for manifestation and magic.

In this one day intro, we´ll exlpore

- Full body energy orgasms
- Energy activation
- Energy work on others
- Sound breath and movement
- Full body pleasure activation
- Liberation and aliveness exercises
- Break free from limiting beliefs & experience more freedom
- Empowered living

This is a cloths on workshop, sexual energy migth run in the field, singles or couples welcome. No need to come as a couple, some exercises are solo some two and two, no gender balance needed. The workshop has a focus on energy and how to increase pleasur ein Your own body more than in meeting with another.

For who?
For ANYONE curious about discovering their sexual power and orgasmic potential, wanting to learn practical tools for a more empowered living, want to increase and awaken the senses, become more embodied.

By the end of the day. You WILL have AHA moments, feel more alive and sensitive, have practical tools for further exploration and hopefully vibrate from sensuall ecstatic life force energy.

Price: 190NZD
Contact & registration: sanna@sannasanita.com
where: Soul Center, Ms Willa, Titirangi, Auckland
web: www.mswilla.com