" I do not want form, I want free flow. I do not want stillness I want wilderness. Dance me. Sing me. Make me laugh. I am wild. I am alive. I am all that you been looking for... " Her

Due to the modern society, norms and values. Many women today, are trapped in masculine shielding. Lost conection with senses and sensuality. Forgotten the hidden source of intution and creativity she is and repressed many archetypes of strong healthy expression. And deep inside every woman, lies a longing for dep surrender, a full expression of life, of love, of fire. Life. Cus SHE is life and life is SHE.

There is little more satisfying feeling the ground, the buzz in the body, the expansion of orgasmic sensations in the body, the allowance of a vulnerable heart to reach out and feel it all, and feel oneself. The conenction with all, with life.

This day, we will dive into the magic of being women, The magic of accelrating life force energy, aliveness and meet in a circle of sisters to exolore this.

We will dive into archetypes, yoni and womb wisdom, sacred shapes and opening to the intuitive dance and moment to talk. Cus this is what every woman are a vehicle of, intuitive wisdom, magical presence and a conscious channel of Life itself.

We´ll have a form and we won´t have a form, when we dare to step into the present moment and allow the moment to speak, than the magic happens. Then presence happens, then it is ultimate perfection.

So come and explore goddess, warioress, woman, priestess, linoess, kali, dirga, saraswati You... and find out what more is there.

In the endless pool of possibility..

We will tune into our sensual selves through:
- sacred shapes
- Achetype Exploration
- Yoni and sacred womb wisdom
- Pleasure acitvation
- Full body orgasms
- Meditation
- sister hood in vulnerability

and more...

Price: 190NZD