Sacred Union at the Temples of Khajuraho

These magnificent temples are a unique place on the planet where the spiritual and erotic have been honoured in a natural resonance.
They offer a living teaching on the whole Tantra path, preserved in stone.

The aim of Tantra is to realise the sacred marriage, the Conjuntio, the Heiros that the non dual origin of the both consciousness and form is revealed. This gathering is an invitation to come experience, realise and liberate into this origin through a combination of partner practise and the group field in the sacred temples of Khajuraho.

The gathering is limited to a group of 24 people. 12 women and 12 men. You can come with a partner or we can pair you up with someone suitable. The context will be that of spiritual/sexual consort and the emphasis will be on each person’s evolution and liberation rather than on any relationship dynamics. It is for people who already have experience in the field of tantra.

When a group is able to get behind the dualities in and between themselves they can operate as a large chakra or wheel for the transmission of this awakening in the wider field of human experience.

Each day will involve personal practice, partner work, time at the temples and group ritual. Some preparation before the week will help us all make the most of our time together.

Included in the retreat is guided tours in the temples and we are honored to be guided in themples and recieve transmission from Swami Ganga.

Swami Ganga, who in his youth used to be Osho's tour guide in Khajuraho. Osho used to visit the temples regularly to meditate. Swami Ganga was privileged to receive powerful transmissions from Osho on the secret and mysterious origins of the temples. The enlightened inspiration of the great Master Goraknath is at the root of these temples. Swami Ganga will guide us through rituals and meditations in the temples


Bruce Lyon: At the core my life is about living and loving as fully richly and freely as possible while empowering others to do the same. This is my contribution to an emergent global culture anchored in love and reverberating with the sound of freedom - the unique essence of the human spirit.

I work principally with the two flows of life force we call sexuality and spirituality because they provide the fastest path I know to liberation, initiation and remembrance of essential embodied divinity. I also focus on the yoga of relationship, - with the cosmos, each other and all the kingdoms of the planet. I have a particular interest in the co-creation of temples and the emergence of the modern day mystery schools, which result from awake, alive human beings in resonant harmony with their inner and outer environments. Ultimately it is the revelation and remembrance of this beautiful planet as the sacred home it has always been, rich with mysteries and potentials awaiting our awakening and evolutionary unfolding.

Sanna Sanita:
I am passionate to discover how to awaken to our true potential as human beings. The callling for truth has brought me around the globe to experience various traditions and paths. A daily practice is how to live more fully and deeply, and how to expand and as love with all what life is - for the greater good. I currently share through, but not limited to, sacred sexuality & conscious relating, tantra, empowerment and liberation in private sessions, workshops and trainings.

double room: 950€
Single room: 1100€
Couple: 1800€
Deposit 300€ ( non-refundable )

-Prices includes 3 meals organic veg each day and all temple tours and guiding.
-Price do not include: flights or transports.
-Final payment latest 5th Feb 2017.
-Registration and info:

Venue will be held at: