I will assist Bruce Lyon at his 6 week temple training.

This training is one of those I wish was availible for me when I was younger ( and now )... As a young-er woman, when I carried the believe that soemthing was wrong with me, with the hightened sensitivity I carried. The love I experienced. The energies I saw and felt. It was not normal. So I shut down, in the believe it was something wrong with me. I hardened. I slowly blocked the most precious part of myself... And that hd to happen for me to realize how incredible precious that was/is!

So when I see this in clients an dbeings nowadays, I want them to come home. to embrace htis part. To fully open and surrender into this beauty. The beauty of who we all are and carrie. This exquisite delcate flower within. That what makes th ewhole world alive and shine - inside out.

The thing is, the soul is terrified to embody fully on this planet. It is a rought ride at times. And one way to handle this is to shut down. And most beings are not even connected to this core, and those who are won´t be welcomed with open arms. Cus the light is to strong. The pain to live fully open and vulnerable can be to much..

But there comes a time, when the pain is worth it and the numbness not.. It comes a time when dedication to live fully is stronger then trying to adjust.

Really looking forward for this 6 week immersion...

A unique training of its kind!

Next training is 12th February, maybe its for You?