• Taiji Klubi (map)
  • 102 Pärnu maantee
  • Tallinn, Harju maakond, 11312
  • Estonia

Pleasure and polarity

This workshop has been "cooking" for a while. Many of us have felt the longing to do something for the practitioners, in a setting where the tribe is meeting in ease, ready for fun but also ready to do a deep dive and see how much pleasure can we invite in in a moment of total presence...This is what were will do...Join us:)! 

Whats this about:

For you who want to drop into stillness, meet in authenticity and heart, allow time and moment to build up sensual expression from within. This is for you who want to make love with every moment, who are ready to drop prestige but share sensuality from within. This is for you who longs to integrate sexuality and heart and melt open with another. This is for you who want to expand your knowing about the possibilities to feel, longer and more – by slowing down. 

Focus this weekend is on intimacy and polarity. Step one is intimacy with yourself and than share that with a partner. Also how to connect and open and open deeply with another, The intention of the weekend is intimacy, meeting in stillness, sensuality, and from there extend into ecstasy. 
We will awaken our senses and use both the masculine and feminine principle to awakening. There will be a lot of couples exercises, but also single and group exercises. We will play both with the power of mind, and how to activate pleasure from within, we are going to explore mind and matter – that which is beyond stillness and how to be the alchemist of our reality and how we can consciously turn pain, fear and contraction into pleasure.

Who is this for:
This is a workshop for more advanced students, who have done a good amount of inner work, knows their boundaries and are open to experiment and explore.

Intercourse is not on the schedule
Nudity is optional
all sessions are optional

You will
Be in a safe and sacred space,
Learn tools for greater intimacy
Explore the power mind
Powerful exercises on how to turn contraction into pleasure
Ritual and channeling
Increase pleasure
Pleasure meditation
Awakening of the senses
Single point focused non-genital orgasms
Conscious touch
To connect deeper with your heart and open to love
Inquiry into purity
Emotional release

Whats the benefit?
Get to know yourself on a new level in connection to another
Get to know yourself deeper
Expand the skill to relax into pleasure, and share it from within
Learn what it really means to feel pleasure in your whole body, in every tickling fingertip.

Sanna Sanita, tantrika, spiritual mentor and intimacy coach, with decades of explorations in the sacred healing arts and an endless thirst to discover truth, she travels the world sharing through workshops, trainings and private sessions. Her umbrella is Liberation and she uses a variety of tools to awaken more of our full potential. She is passionate energy work and healing/awakening through pleasure and facilitates a space where You can be You. Her vision mission is to support as many as possible to live an empowered life from within, beyond social norms and programs. 

Read more: www.sannasanita.com 
About: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flpdioWpuOY
Training: www.dearmouringtraining.com 

TIME: 7 Sept 6-9 pm (Fri), 8 Sept 10-7pm (Sat), 9 sept 10-5pm (Sun)
VENUE: Taiji Klubi, Pärnu mnt 102 E II floor, Tallinn, Estonia
INVESTMENT: 250 euros early bird til 7 August, later 280 euros
REGISTRATION: olemisekergus@gmail.com, 5210480