Welcome to a soft and gentle space where we meet from the heart and depth. Beyond prestige, doing and performance. We will explore through gentle exercises, eye gazing & tantric breath, designed to bring you closer to yourself, a potential/future partner and soul. Space is beginners friendly and will provide a love boost of deep sweetness to start of the new year.

Focus will be on authentic meetings form the heart, gentle touch and slow breath. Deep and intimate yet innocent and gentle. There are many forms of tantra which some include sexual energy in more or less forms. This is towards white/pink tantra and are more heart centered with focus on breath and movement. All the exercises will open a potential to learn how to sublimate the energy to connect with soul/god/spirit during love making. Yet in this space we make more love with ourselves/god than a partner and the focus is on meeting in heart felt presence.

You will explore:

  • how to raise and circulate sexual energy

  • feminine and masculine movements to increase circulation

  • variety of breathing to slow down and open up the heart

  • the power of presence and eye gazing

  • How gentle touch and single point focus can activate sensual sensation

  • power of sense activation

  • parasympathetic nervous system, why we wanna live, bath and love in this waters.

  • The secrets of experiencing epic love making.


reg and info: Urban Om /Stockholm