Alchemy Of Ecstasy


Are you looking for deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself and others?
Are you curious about taking sexuality and Eros to the next level?
Are you interested in spiritual awakening, for real?
Are you interested to learn to open and expand in sensual, sexual and in pleasure even more?

A weekend exploration for serious seekers in the spirit of awakening and sexuality, where you will explore the power of eros, the sweetness of the infinite into a full flavor blend of sensuality, sexuality and spirit. There is a plan, and there is formless. We set an intention to go deep, fast. The bar is high, and for you who joined previous workshops with Sanna Sanita in Tallinn, this will be a deepening and extension of previous too. With slight more spice.

For who?

This is for intermediate and advanced students ONLY. For you who have done a decent amount of work, know you boundaries, and open to jump into a group energy working with circulating sexual energy. It will be intense, sexy, fun, deep and juicy. You are interested in embracing and increasing JOY and FUN in life and also willing to look at your shadow in relating to men/women/field of sexuality. IF you joined the last workshop we had in March in Tallinn, this will be similar but a deepening, continuation and more spice:)

*Workshop might include nudity and freer expression of sexuality by individual choice.
**singles, couples, all welcome!

The workshop will be divided in 3 parts: connect, relate n fire, expand in unity.

We will explore

* Polarity practice
* Activate and circulate Eros in solo, couple and group exercises
* Energy activation
* PranaSanna, profund breath work to clear the way
* The power of now and stillness
* How to accelerate and access profound experiences of pleasure
* Tantric practices in meetings from the heart
* Self activation
* Couples work and energy penetration
* Single point focused orgasm – yes, you´ll learn the secret to orgasm through your finger tip!
* Ego inflation, learn to be alert and aware how to live a more empowered life
* Play party