Healing Through Pleasure, how to use sexual energy and pleasure to open, release and de-armour the body.

Come and learn this profund healing arts of pleasure and sexual energy in de-armouring. A liberating, profound and wonderful way to grow and expand in your orgasmic potential.

When we allow joy and ecstasy to pulsate thorugh us, we become more happy, alive, joyful, in ease, feel less stressed. Pleasure, orgasm and healthy sexuality is a gateway to feel awesome and to relase trauma, blockages and dissconnection. Many has also A LOT of guilt and shame of exploring and expressing the sexuality, on top, they do not know what is possible. No to mention potential years of abuse, potential rape, not being ablel to orgasm or erectile dysfunction. Sexual healing and healing thorugh pleasure can be amazing for rapid and wonderful transformations. Therefor, we find this healing arts extra important to inlcude the WHOLE spectra of human experience. You will want to be here!

What? An intense 4 1/2 -day training/workshop focusing on:

- Working with sexual energy in de-armouring
- Sexual healing sessions
- Exploring your own pleasure capacity
- Sacred session setting

Its a unique event with focus on healing thorugh pleasure in de-armouring and sacred sexuality sessions. And it is for you who already have some experience working with hands on sessions, or similar training experience. The event will teach you epic ways of how to profoundly open a womens and mans body towards and into ecstasy, these are teachings that haven't been thaught before, and are unique on the market in this growing field of conscious sexuality and healing. The event is also equally designed for you to explore your own pleasure capacity and beyond. The deeper you can take yourself, the deeper you can take others. And who doesn't want to live a life in more ecstasy?

Training will be taught by Sanna Sanita, founder of de-armouring training and Aaron Isley founder of Optimal sex life.

- Pleasure as a gateway to profound healing, learn how pleasure can expand your & your clients life quality profoundly
- Ecstatic & Kriya breathwork
- PranaSanna, morning activation
- Consciousness practices, learn to recognize belittling thought patterns around sexuality, pleasure & life
- Clear boundaries to prevent romantic dreaming, the importance to provides best growth for client
- Tantric massage & raising sexual energy, learn soft and juicy ways of opening the body
- Pleasure meditation & pleasure on command, learn how to open deeply and learn to own delicious energy from within
- Attitude; how the mind can expand the orgasmic potential
- Female ejaculation, talk and demo, learn
- Cervix re-alignment, talk about and demonstration
- Lingam activation, talk and demonstration
- Senses activation, different bodies, different density/lightness. Learn and practise ways of activating the body
- Point of no return
- Energy orgasm
- Single point focused full body orgasms
- Discovering full body orgasmic potentials
- Erogenous zones
- Sound, breath and movement
- Transformational voicing
- Shame and guilt work around sexuality and allowing pleasure and joy into life
- conscious play party

- NO beginners
- Existing practise of some sort of sacred healing arts, hands on, body work.
- Personal development
- By application ONLY

Sanna Sanita:
Tantrika, sex and intimacy coach, amplifier & spiritual guide. With her rare combination of training, experience, skill, spiritual practice, and profound insight, Sanna teaches to abide in the heart of Consciousness while living an embodied life filled with pleasure: a journey that is inspiring, life changing and enlightening. She travels the world teaching and sharing through workshops, trainings and one on ones. She´s the founder of the de-armouring training and of the TTF method.

web: www.sannasanita.com
DT: www.dearmouringtraining.com
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flpdioWpuOY

Aaron Michel:
Is an incredible bodyworker and sex coach with focus on pleasure. He teaches women and couples how to optimise their sex life for pleasure and intimacy and has over 2000 practise hours on sacred sex healing. He is passionate about providing adults an avant-garde sex education beyond talk therapy. When he is not making video courses or giving personal sessions he enjoys re-searching new material. He is the author and founder of Optimal Sex Life. www.optimalsexlife.com

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De-armouring training students: 890€
De.armouring training L3 repeaters 650€
Regular: 990€ / Early bird 1st August 890€

Register: sanna@sannasanita.com