Have you ever wanted to bear witness to a woman when she crosses over into her Goddess state…
…what a Tantric Priestess embodies when she embraces her full un-tamed orgasmic potential?

It is said that when a woman of the sexual arts surrenders and opens herself to her innermost pleasures, then the world around is transformed…
…her experience imprints on the men and women around her…enabling their access to heightened ecstatic states.

Here you will learn more than technique.
Here you will bear witness to more than the birth of universal pleasure.Because here you will practice in the circling of a ritual that will teach, imprint and open you to something new.

Welcome to 2019’s most exclusive tantric event.

It is by application only, attendance is very limited and will be held in a penthouse at the center of Stockholm’s downtown.

The ritual is powerful. The practice is sacred, and it has never been made available to the public before.

However these manual practices of touch, voice, breath and movement are essential to the spread of the sexual revolution to liberate singles/couples into their optimal sex life.

This is why now!
This is why here in Stockholm…a seat of global peace and environmental change.
We will begin a series of workshops to those dedicated to embodying a new sexual energy.

This is part 1 of a series of workshops.

Join The Alchemy of Ecstasy:

Sanna Sanita: Swedens leading sacred sexuality and consciousness teacher. Founder of de-armouring training and TTF method. Dedicated to the sacred healing arts and discovery of human potential.

Aaron Isley: Scandinavias best kept Secret Vaginal De-Armorer, outstanding sexual healer & new era sex Coach. Founder and author of Optimal Sex Life.

Learn De-Armoring like nowhere else and never before.
Behold Stockholm’s Sacred Sexuality Leader
Unite to transform yourself and impact the world

If you are interested then write to us and then fill out the application. There is room for 6 couples only. You can also come with a friend women/man. After witnessing, there will be ONE session given to the woman. So if you are two women, make sure to talk about that before. OR if you are interested alone, we put you on a list and match you with another solo partner.

The format is simple:

Practise & Be Guided by Experts

You will learn:
Movements to open the flow of life force energy in the body
How to remove pain from the body and vagina.
How to awaken sexual amrita
Cervical Bliss
And partake in the de-armoring rituals that will bridge the gender divide and change your relationship from the bedroom out.

You will get:
Practise time
Practical hand out on how to do
A life changing imprint of the possiblites for pleasure

Tickets are 330€ EUR per pers. ( this is a one time price for this first event )
When: 23rd februari 2018
Time: 10-19 inlcudes a lunch break and completion completion circle.
where: in absolute central stockholm, adress given upon registration.


registration by application ONLY!'
write to: