"Deepen your Presence” - 4 1/2 day training.

Teaching you how to work with the flow. How to surrender to being a channel for energies to pour through you, and how to deepen your presence in everyday life to become a more peaceful and joyful human being.

When you allow the Life itself to flow through you and truly learn to sense the difference between ego and the flow of Life, there will come a point where you do not want to be in control. the preference of letting IT work through will grow stronger.

When Presence works through us, it is when true magic happens. Beyond mind and matter. We do not need to know, and mind can never make this happen. Mind is not designed to sense this flow, and will always want to know or control the outcome.

During these days you will learn practical tools to "get out of the way", to experience how it feels, to anchor and expand as wisdom from within. Through direct experience, tools and technique, you'll learn how to guide others in your sessions.

These days will focusing on:

- Letting go of control
- Following an impulse from within and trusting your intuition
- Learning various meditations and practices to help you connect with your centre.
- Removing attachments to the flow and outcome of your sessions
- Learning subtle energy work: how to influence the state of your client with your way of being.
- Learning how to transfer love, care and feeling of safety into your client
- Working with the elements: how to become and embody an element and transfer its qualities to your client. Learning how to ground your client, how to make them full of fire, mellow them out in calm waters or let them dissolve in the ethers of infinite space
- Learning how to remove yourself from Yourself in the sessions; how to become an empty vessel able to conduct pure energy.

Explore through:

- Meditations
- Felt sensation
- Self enquiry
- Hands on practise
- Breath work
- Contemplation
- "I am presence" meditation

Teachers: Sanna Sanita and De´an Matuka who are both very passionate about the mastery of life and anchoring the depth of the beyond, and to follow the deepest calling of the human heart. To TRULY come home.

27th February - 3rd March 2019

Includes workshop, accommodation and food
€740 - sleeping in the dorm (bring your own bedding & towel)
€790 - small dorm sleeps 6 (bring your own bedding & towel)
€860 - double room (bedding & towel included)
€900 - single room (bedding & towel included)

Holland, Venvoude

link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2456631094354909/

To register send mail to: info@dearmouringtraining.com