A weekend for advanced explorers within eros and intimacy…


Last September we had a powerful course guided by Sanna Sanita here in Tallinn. We all felt that vol 2 is needed, to go even more deeper, drop even more masks and activate the playfulness and aliveness from inside out. Eros&Intimacy will be similar but a deepening, continuation and more polarity practice + a longer play party. Welcome:)!

What is it about...

If we really want to connect with others in an authentic space, we gotta connect with ourselves first.
If we want to meet the love of our life, it helps to be comfortable in approaching the desired gender. If we want to break through belittling belief systems and learn to be the master of our lives, it helps to discover, how to do that. If we want to have a better and more juicy sex life, we gotta be comfortable with raising and owning our sexual energy from the inside and dare to own our desires.

This weekend will support all of that. It will be:

Playful, juicy, sexy, hot, fun, intimate, challenging, insightful and a play of polarities.

Focus will be on activating and expanding pleasure from within and circulate in a group, get to know your desires so we can meet in mature and authentic space with others. Owning our wishes, yet standing in power if we are not met in that. This weekend will be a conscious exploration in mature but hot and sexy relating.
How can we, as principles, be more feminine? More masculine? How can we increase that spark within? And how can we amplify up life quality in a hell of a yes to intimacy! There is something exquisitely delicious when we can allow authentic expression, beyond fears and neediness and then meet as empowered, alive adults. When we can own ourselves fully, everyone involved in conscious relating can relax. It's important that we can be relaxed and playful in our sexuality and bodies and also around others. And the most important...how can we allow ourselves to be alive, joyful, sparkling and live beyond shame and guilt for who we are!

This weekend you will explore some simple but great techniques:

Pleasure on command
Tantric breath & connection
Circulation of sexual energy, solo, partner, group
Masculine and feminine polarity practices
Juicy and conscious play party
Sense activation
Embrace pleasure, joy and life
Solo, partner and group exercises
Personal guidance & coaching in circle

⋄ ◅ ◄ ♡ ► ▻
For who?
This is for intermediate and advanced students ONLY. For you who have done a decent amount of work, know you boundaries, and open to jump into a group energy working with circulating sexual energy. It will be intense, sexy, fun, deep and juicy. You are interested in embracing and increasing JOY and FUN in life and also willing to look at your shadow in relating to men/women/field of sexuality. IF you joined the last workshop we had in September in Tallinn, this will be similar but a deepening, continuation and more polarity practice + a longer play party.

TIME: 15 March 6-9 pm (Fri), 16 March 10-8 pm (Sat), 17 March 10-5 pm (Sun)
LOCATION: Taiji Klubi, Pärnu mnt 102 E II floor, Tallinn, Estonia
INVESTMENT: 250 euros early bird until 15th of February, later 280 euros
REGISTRATION: olemisekergus@gmail.com, +372 5210480. Save the date&spot, this course sells out fast;)!

Sanna Sanita – teacher, mentor, public speaker, tantrika and fierce-full truth seeker.
She is passionate to discover human potential inside out. She travels the world, sharing in various forms such as tantra, de-armouring, ecstatic living, conscious communication, empowered living and more through private sessions, trainings, educations, workshops and seminars. She strives to live in a world where we meet in mutual respect and honor, daring to live authentic and true to our core. She is passionate spiritual awakening and all her work goes under the umbrella of liberation. Sanna has 20 years of conscious exploration in the sacred healing arts and awakening in various forms and her life purpose is to share this with you. She is a power house of love and joy wanting to share just that!

Read more: www.sannasanita.com.
Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flpdioWpuOY