"Induction" - 6 day Experience.

De-armouring, sexual healing, empowerment, intuition, personal development & spirituality.

This powerful and life-changing 6 day experience is designed to dearmour you, and to help you empower your life from within.

What previous participants say about it:

You'll go through many processes and experiences that will help you let go of your armour and provide healing.
They will touch you deeply in many aspects of your Being, producing lasting transformation.

You'll also receive great tools for your everyday life, that will help you transform the quality of all your relationships and live a more authentic life, true to yourself.

You're welcome to join if you:
- Wish to release and clear stuck/blocked emotions and unwanted patterns of behaviour and being.
- Need sexual healing.
- Are ready to transform your life.
- Have no previous experience in any kind of bodywork, energy work or tantra.
- Wish to enter the world of sexual healing and body de-armouring.
- Are a professional bodyworker, sexual healer, tantric masseuse or a practitioner of other healing modalities, and wish to deepen your personal container.

This is for those;
- Who never did de-armouring and wish to join the training but need more depth and skills to attend.
- That did our training and wish to peel more layers and boost themselves.
- Who wish to do personal healing work, become more empowered, get to know yourself more, let go of old habits and limiting patters and open to more freedom.

Program includes:
- One on one processing on daily basis
- Emotional release & healing: You’ll go thru various ways of releasing emotions leaving you lighter and clearer then ever before.
- Basics of body de-armouring; Practice and understanding of emotional patterns, and how to work with them.
- Boundary setting; Understanding and clarifying your boundaries in relating and life in general.
- Sexual healing techniques
- Internal de-armouring yoni/lingam
- Introduction to energy work; Learn about energy orgasms, activation points and keys to more pleasure.
- Space holding (basics); How to create a space of trust, safety and relaxation for another, so they surrender and show up in deep vulnerability. Becoming aware of the power of the “space” you create.
- Trust and surrender; Practising ways to open to divinity and your hearts longing.
- Breath work: You’ll be taught powerful breathing techniques to help you access deep layers of your being
- Masculine/Feminine polarity; Get to know deeper parts of yourself and discover the power of embracing feminine and masculine polarities.
- Non-verbal communication; Helping you become socially masterful, eloquent and confident.
- Sharing

Disclaimer: Content may vary a little from group to group.

Sanna Sanita - www.sannasanita.com
De'an Matuka - www.lovecore.me, www.dearmour.com,

26 - 31 March 2019


Nearest airport Amsterdam.

- €1,190 Double room
- €1,390 Single room
Early bird €990 (double) - until 10th January 1018 (full payment only), limited spaces.

6 days workshop
Accommodation and food

Not included:
Transportation to and from the centre,

To secure your place we require €400 non-refundable deposit.

To register: info@dearmouringtraining.com

One of our participants said: … "I have just returned from the most intense, powerful, exhausting, exhilarating, loving,
juicy, and transformational retreat. An experience that I can honestly say has changed my life.”… Lucy