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Divine Inspiration and Orgasmic Potential


I have a pulsating, passionate desire for TRUTH. To live an un-compromised full-blown life free in creative expression and now I wish to share it all with you!

Do you long to be in alignment? Do you ling to embrace that itch in your heart? Do you long to step up and live who you where meant to be in this earth life? Away from dogma, programes, ideas and beliefs? Would you be up for allowing your soul to lead the way, so you can connect to the truth of who you are. Would you be up for being lovingly called out, loved up and take part of wisdom so you can live a more empowered life? Are you ready to live your passion & power while being connected to pleasure and sensitivity? You feminine gorgeous powerful self! Are you ready to allow your rich nectar of orgasmic potential and fierce love to flodd your veins...

Then your at the right place.

Its not a regular goddess workshop... its deep, intense and full of life and joy!

Here, you will have the opportunity to bring it all the limitations into the fire, sing it into existance so life itself can enrich your veins, pulsate in your blood and kiss your neck. Here you will have the possiblity to expand as love, increase intuition and conenct with the deep longing in every human heart. The intimacy of devotion.

Part from exploring your inner realities, you will hang out by the pool and sun bath surrounded by the incredibly stunning Andalucia. Take saunas, share and giggles with like minded sisters and re-charge from the hectic scenery of city and everyday life.

This workshop is designed, for you sister, who feel a deeper calling for somethings more. Who desire to live a uncompromised life, connected to your soul-purpose. Its designed so you can look into all aspects of your life and re-align more of who you truly are, being UNIQELY YOU!

Retreat is divided in three parts: Body, Soul, and Spirit. All equally important until the ultimately intertwine into one dance of fullness.

What you will learn/experience/discover:

- The power of prayer and devotion
- Non-dual teachings
- Practical tools of awakening
- De-armouring ( on yourself and others )
- Yoni de-armouring
- Female ejaculation
- G-spot activation
- Regulate hyper-arousal
- Learn and explore erogenous zones
- Increase Orgasmic potential
- Rituals
- Breathwork
- Shadow work and sisterhood
- Soul embodiment
- Learn to feel and experience energies
- Orgasmic being
- Pleasure meditation
- Awaken the senses
- Dance ( YES - a lot! )
- Sharing
- Vulnerability
- Mantra and medicine songs
- Explore and express different expressions of the feminine

And much more...

Anyone who wishes to unblock, unleash, open and release. Who wants to own and deepen their pleasure and sexuality. For conscious women ready to expand their power and femininity. To get in contact with their sexuality, inside out and live as a soul full being dedicated truth, alignment, and fullness of human potential. Who are ready to step up and share their gift in the world! It's for you who work with women's groups, tantrika, sexual healer, facilitator, or simply longing to live richer.

Sanna Sanita has 20 years of explorations within the sacred healing arts. Born with increased sensitivity and the knowing of something bigger than herself, in her teenage years she had direct communication with spirits, experienced spontaneous awakenings and entered into samadhi. Although she never took that as anything special, the fire in her heart and the calling for "that" has brought her around the globe to explore a variety of traditions. She has a deep love to explore the human potential and to awaken as a human being, to live a full colored life in flaws and fullness - in contact with source. This inner fire Sanna brings into the space. Her being often works as an amplifier and a mirror which makes it easier for you to come in contact, she facilitates with a great sense of humor, deep compassion and at times fierce love. Sanna is the founder of de-armouring training and the TTF method. She shares her work all around the globe through sacred sexuality, tantra, de-armourning and spiritual awakening.

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Early Bird: 880€ ( 25th November )
Lady Latelick Bird: 990€ ( 2nd January )
Fully Orgasmic Bird: 1150€ ( May 6th )

All prices are included teachings, food, and accommodation in a double room.

Deposit: Non-refundable 300€ to secure your spot
Single room 125€ extra.

Price does not include transport to and from the venue but can be arranged through local transportation service with an extra fee of 40€ each way.

For registration, questions and sign up:

Where: Hidden paradise Andalusia/Spain