Breath into Bliss ⭐️
- Ecstatic expansion, energy orgasms & true joy

Come and join a full day of breath work and ecstatic explorations.
Sanna will share unique breath work sessions. These techniques can be used to reach altered states of consciousness, connect to sexual energy, emotional/physical release and to totally boost, awaken and liberate body and mind.

Breath work is a fantastic way to dive deep into the present moment, to re-boot the nervous system, to feel more empowered, alert, happy, energized and rapidly provide inner balance and space.

Many live a stressed life, driven by the sympathetic nervous system, rushing to get things done and literally, constantly on a fight and flight mood – this is a very unhealthy way to live. It affects the way we sleep, eat, weight gain, fear, feeling of safety, it creates mood swings, hormonal unbalance and in the end we risk experiencing a burn out. On top, it lowers sensitivity, connection with others and kills our desire, lust and feeling of belonging.

Breath work is an excellent way to activate the opposite patterns, the parasympathetic nervous system, which will provide peace, calm, focus, an open heart, joy, satisfaction, contentment,
meaning, belonging, inner fulfillment and wellbeing. It stimulates digestion e system and can function for weight loss, provides more lust and can connect you with altered states ( which is delicious). It can support you, but not limited too, on three levels:

✅ Physical; improved your wellbeing, flow of life force and sexual energy, de-armouring the body from the inside, inner space, enhanced lung capacity, breath improvement, balance the hormones, weight loss, supports emotional release.

✅ Mind; provide inner peace, calming the nervous system, opens the pineal gland, anti-depressant, stimulates creativity, balances the right and left brain half’s, activates DMT

✅ Spiritual; stimulates altered states of consciousness, visions, profound feelings of love and belonging to whole and therefor a sense of total fulfillment, inner peace and joy.

The event is divided into two parts:
1) Morning session, demo + breathwork
2) Afternoon session demo + orgasmic breath work + Tantra Kriya Yoga breath.

You will receive guided group sessions to specially designed music, plus secrets how to combine the breath for multiple purposes and ways to bring the breath home use.

For who?
This event is for everyone, and everyone will leave with plenty of practical tools, expanded consciousness, totally feel good feeling and deeper body contact.