Why book a session?

Sanna Sanita offers sessions for men, women and couples. After attending my sessions, most people experience improvement and deep healing in both sexual, non sexual and spiritual areas. Here is a list of other benefits, that the session might give you. 

Here are some of the most common benefits people experience from Sacred Sexual Healing:

  • Resolutions of relationship issues

  • Regaining or gaining ability for self-pleasure and orgasm

  • Control of premature ejaculation

  • Increased erectile functionality

  • Increased vaginal sensitivity

  • Arousal and easy flow of Sexual Energy

  • Clearing the blueprint and residues of trauma

  • Learning to give and receive pleasure

  • Enhanced sex-life for couples

  • Relief from tensions in the body

  • Recovering sexual pleasure after childbirth, surgery or trauma

  • Acceptance and love for your body and sexuality

  • Healed addictions to porn and sex

  • Trigger point massage (external dearmouring)

  • Increased sensitivity, release of trauma and tension stored in the genitals

  • Mental stress reduction

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Sexual Education

  • Skills in conscious communication

  • Empowerment and ownership

  • Clear with boundaries

  • Increase self love

  • Energetic activation

  • Increased life quality

  • Discover you purpose in life