Sanna Sanitas work in Sacred Sexual Healing really makes a difference in peoples life. Here you will find testimonials about here work and the effect of the sessions, trainings and retreats she has given to people. 

"The energetic massage experience was very intense in its essence. At first I felt that within 10 minutes You reached below my protective shield and this made me feel both vulnerable and blessed. It was like someone is reaching to your true self, getting in touch with your deep essence. This feeling was profound and beautiful. I was very relaxed and my mind was able to dive deep into my memories. I saw one memory picture of a red-haired girl, with whom I met when I was at the age of 4. Suddenly I experienced the same feelings as in my far childhood and got clear understanding that this was first time I felt love and attraction. However it was so overwhelming at that time, that I actually experienced immense stress and urge to escape from love. Now I was re-experiencing these intense feelings and got understanding that this was sort of burnout in my childhood, which has somehow affected my close relationships ever after. Recognizing that was eye-opening and it brought up clear perspective for understanding myself. At the end phase of the massage I felt that my soul was liberated from the body, leaving it in sweet stillness. Feeling ease of the soul and getting in touch with my first experience of affection were the fruits of the massage. Thanks to that healing experience I was able to re-establish relationship with woman, I´m in love with.

I´m very grateful to You, Sanna"

Raul A. - Poland

"With Sanna I feel I am in a safe space, where that which chooses to surface is received with total love and acceptance. This makes Sanna a skilful therapist who has my full confidence. I also think the reason why our sessions are so effective is because Sanna's high vibrational energy stimulates my own hidden lower energies to release and rise. That's how I make sense of it"

Amanda J - Sweden

"Dear Sanna!

Thank you for the simply most amazing Tantra massage EVER! It was loving, intimate, and amazing.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure for much of the time.

You are such a fantastic, warm, loving person and I am truly grateful to have been able to share this experience with you.

I look forward to seeing you again!

Lots of love...." Peter - Denmark

"When I first arrived in Sanna's healing space I felt already like I had stepped in the temple of a real goddess of our time. Amazed and blessed at first sight...

The healing flows with creativity and presence giving me freedom to communicate my feelings and preferences during the session.

At all times I could feel that my consent and boundaries were aknowledged and respected. Although I was extremely open and vulnerable I could always feel safe and in control.

I felt truly respected, honored, seen, understood and healed. Emotional wounds stored deep in the body could be realeased in this space were I could allow myself to be in the most vulnerable state. My soul bowed in gratitude for her healing love and in awe to her courage to respond to such a challenging calling.

The presence of higher spiritual energy and guidance is real. It is healing work elevated to the state of sacred art.

This journey through the mysterious story of the body is a teaching, a source of wisdom. The conscious transmutation of wounded energies gives acces to a new dimension of awareness. This is powerful divine service, thousandfold blessed by the heavens for the healing of the planet and humankind.

The beauty of this work moved me to tears. During and in the days following our session I experienced the healing of past sexual emotional wounds, a restored self-respect, a reconcilliation of my inner feminine and masculine polarities, the awakening of new multiorgasmic pleasures, a reconnection with my divine nature of love and truth...

Sanna is a living Dakini, a genuine healer of our time whose healing work is a real treasure for our world. "

Olivier - Malmö, Sweden

"I can truly feel your devotion and that you have made a tremendous journey when meeting you. I give Sanna Sanita and her sessions my highest recommendations! "

- Johan 

” Pure, innocent, truth, love, depth! This is very therapeutic for me Sanna. I am so grateful for you and your way! Your essence of LOVE TRUTH & BEAUTY shining so brightly! I love you, thank you! “

– Sabina L

“ Dear wild Sanna – You are such a powerful, inspirational magical teacher! I REALLY loved your offering, it really made me think about how we are and that there should be no judgments. It made me want to promise myself to never judge. I love your outgoing, passionate, creative, fearless and loving pure energy/soul. Thank You – Love you!”

– Louise

" Your sessions are truly amazing!"

 Patrick S

"Thank you so much Sanna. It turns out that what I felt and thought about your work is really true.

I have had the honour to receive two amazing sessions from Sanna. I myself work as a physical therapist, so I am very used to sessions and have become picky. Sanna has a presence and feeling in her hands that few are able to transmit. I have several childhood traumas that I have worked with on a conscious level, but physically my body has still been in upheaval. Amongst other issues, I have had severely reduced sensation in my pelvic and genital areas. After two sessions combining tantra massage with hypnotheraphy, this is almost completely gone. I also had a profound insight when I realised how important it was for my subconscious that Sanna explicitly asked for permission before touching me. A simple thing like that made all the difference in the world. The transformation and soft relaxation that followed were magical. Sanna has a gift I hope many get the chance to enjoy. Eternally grateful."

- Kajsa, Sweden

"Very soft,trustful atmosphere and present clear meeting. U have a magical touch and beautiful music in your work which helps to surrender, relax and receive in depth. My yoni was so soft and smiling after))) Thank u"

Natalia, Denmark

" Sanna has an unique approach in her Tantra-work, combining hypnosis and tantra-body work. For me, this was a perfect combination, as the hypnosis allowed me to release the tension and blockage that prevented me from relaxing and experience the felt sense of the body. Sanna was able to keep me in a light trance, while maintaining a safe space, with her sensitivity and presence. This was for me a very deep and touching healing experience, that allowed me to inhibit my body and reconnect with my masculinity in a profound way."

- Dar, Denmark

  " You are the gift of the divine mother for the regeneration and awakening of humankind. Healing love and delicious touch of honey kiss
Rose flower goddess of light and beauty...
Rockin' sexy baby! "

Oli, Sweden


"I have been to two workshops with Sanna. If I could take out my heart from my chest and leave it in her hands, I would. That's the degree of trust I feel to this fantastic teacher. She honours nothing but the highest potential in you, in me, in herself and all of us. If her approach make you feel curious, attracted, nervous or scared - go seek her out right now." - Albin M

"Yes Sanna Sanita! Represent! Talk about a woman who can call in the divine energies to make womanifest every opportunity into a sublime state. I experienced a profound opening in my heart that has begun quite a journey for me in the heart space. To listen to it and not be afraid of the fire that can arise inside. See it as a purification of light to remove all shame, doubt, guilt and fear. I appreciate you for that one girl! Keep shining. " - Deva


"Would you be ready to let go of all your desires, all fantasies, dreams, wants, longings, attachments? Would you let go of feeling that there is something you do not still have?

Could you feel endless gratitude just because you are here, breathing, alive, full filled inside by such a love and peace, that there is nothing, not-a-thing you would need more?

Could you bless all the painful memories and happenings in your life? Truly see the wisdom , that those has been taking you where you are now?

And then. After dying for everything, letting go of all what you ever wanted, being only happy and touched by the connection with Life, realization of your inner endless beauty..... suddenly....

Suddenly you could hear a calling from Life itself asking " My Child, My Beloved. What would make your happy? What would you love to play in this Dream, Game I created for You, as me Within? What would resonate most with your Being?"

How much Grace/Good luck One needs for come to a place, where everything is possible? To come to see, that all what you wanted was so shallow, so small compared for what Life wants to give you? And to be able to receive it, totally without feeling of guilty or shame that it is too much, that you don't deserve it?

Could you die for everything for Love of your own Self?

Thank you sister, Sanna Sanita for beautiful , awakening weekend!! "

- Marika


" To attend a workshop with Sanna has changed my life. I never knew I could be resoponsible for and feel so much pleasure just being alive! She´s holding an incredible safe space and I trust her fully. I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU!" - Maria M


“ thousand of thanks for the workshop Sanna ❤️ Thank you for showing up in the world with your unique gift and essence. Appreciate your authenticity, your contagious joy that you so generously share and how you hold the space for each unique group your meeting. 🙏 ❤️ ✨ “


“ Sanna... du är i sanning en äkta naturkraft, så underbart ärlig och det gömmer sig en mycket vacker själ i dig. Önskar dig allt det bästa av världar från mitt innersta hjärta och hoppas vi snart ses igen. “ Stor kram Patrik


“ Sanna, you are in truth a real force of nature , so wonderfully honest and its hiding a very precious soul in you. I wish you the best of worlds from the innermost of heart and I wish we meet again soon. “ - Big hug, Patrik


“Much gratitude for stumbling upon such an inspiring and authentic being. You have inspired me so much on my sexual awakening path. You are magik sister!
Love & sparkles “


“ Abso(s)lutly LOVED it! Why holding back on taking pleasure for myself? No more! hihi <3 Thks Briljant Passionate Sparkly Playful Fire Sister for your lived inspiration! And beautiful diamond assistants! “- Anne Kat