Sanna Sanita offers a variety of tantra workshops to deepen your skills as lover, partner and practitioner through sacred touch and conscious communication, de-armouring trainings, awaken through pleasure and other workshops for seekers longing to open doors to liberation, empowerment and more soul ful living...

Wild Wise Woman

 Unlock Ecstasy – power, pleasure and sacred sexuality  


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If we know, life would be so different. If we learned we would be more empowered and trust our inner knowing. If we knew, we would explore and live our deeper potential long ago.


You are a multidimensional being living in a multidimensional universe, infinitely greater than your physical body and mind. By understanding the subtle body, you realize this as a factual reality. The subtle body is a map for understanding the interconnectedness of life. Once you know that “you” are actually “everything,” the whole idea of a separate self and objects dissolves. And yet paradoxically, you become more you than ever before. The false ego self is released and your eternal, Innermost Self arises from the union of the I am.

The power of mind, the power of sexual energy, the power of tantra all merged together for you to let go of old stories, future worries and bring more peace & presence into everyday life. A blend of powerful dynamics, dialogues and discoveries for you to unlock to your vibrant and orgasmic potential. An exploration of various tools that will support your mind into silence, your body to vibrate and true joy to arise.  

This is a 4 day immersion where you´ll discover depths of beings, awaken your body, senses and explore ecstatic bliss and what potentially holds you back from doing so. We´ll work alone, with partners and in group dynamics. We will discover the power of mind and the truth of who you are and how you can liberate yourself and live a more exquisite empowered and amazing life. Inside out.

What will you get out of this workshop?

  • Discover Your orgasmic potential

  • Orgasmic Breathing and full body Orgasm

  • Tantric philosophy

  • Dyads and dharma talks

  • Sex Magic Ritual

  • Become the alchemist

  • Power of thought

  • Circulate and expand sexual energy

  • Sacred space

  • Power of intent

  • How to active and increase pleasure within

  • Pleasure as a healing modality

  • Breath work Technology

  • Learn maximum pleasure, minimum effort,


This intensive is created for you to discover & unleash your potential, 

All exercises are voluntarily 

Some practice is alone, in couple and in groups.

Nudity optional

For who?

This workshop is for you who already have some expereince with sacred sexuality, hleaing work and trauma work. You know your boundaries, and are curious to expand the rubber band in a safe and respectful environment. 

Sanna Sanita, tantrika, pleasure expert, spiritual teacher, seer and soul midwife.She travels the world sharing through workshops, trainings and private sessions. She has a endless thirst to discover, being a powerhouse, compassionate healer and cosmonaut. Sanna absolutely loves to explore every corner of life and to merge with all elements of being alive. She has, and are, travelled around the glob, she has explored many different traditions and paths. She is influenced by many teachers and thought. But most of all, she listens to life and life is her greatest teacher. She walked the hard way, the long way, the painful way and she shares with great compassion and heart. Sanna lives her dharma sharing wisdom with others, she wishes for each and one soul to embody and live a rich and deeply fulfilling live. She truly burns for being a bridge to reality, as it truly is.

Sacred Touch & Conscious Relating

Learn the basic guidelines for successful tantra sessions, in private or as a professional. You will learn techniques for energy activation and sacred lingam and yoni massage, as well as fun and respectful tools for exploring your own and other people's boundaries. Inviting you to increase and deepen your sensuality in body and mind, the workshop is fun, transformational and always created in a safe space.

Awaken The Ecstatic Body!

A weekend or 4 days of deep discovery and activation of the enrgetuc body. You´ll learn orgasmic breathing, boundaries and how to create healthy inner and outer relationship, how to increase and circulate sexual energy, how to activate pleasure as a healing modality – you learn basic body -de-armouring. You will discover more of your body, energetics, increase flow of yummi alveness and sexual energy in the body. This weekend is bascially an high energy explosion for body, being and mind. This is for everyone!

Invite me

I am happy to travel to share my passion! Feel free to invite me to your community or country for workshops and sessions. Contact me to see what we can create together.