Tantra Massage and Sacred Yoni Mapping

2 hours

I have a special place in my heart for working with women. I have embodied experience and and knowledge of the wisdom and benefits to be had from yoni mapping and massage. Yoni massage can support you in releasing trauma, blockages from unwanted sexual experiences or abuse, tensions and stress. It will increase your sexual and sensual sensitivity, deepen your connection with your heart, and might even deepen and intensify you orgasms. A sacred yoni mapping is a gift to yourself or your beloved, a gift for body and soul.

I always work with high sensitivity, presence and loving care. 


  • Trance work — for a deeper experience
  • Extra hours

TTF: Tantric Trance-formation and Sexual Healing

3 Hours

This is my own unique creation; a powerful combination of trance work/hypnotherapy, tantric touch, sacred sexual healing and coaching. Here, you can raise and safely work with any sexual problem or desire to grow, as well as other issues you feel hinder you from living your full potential.

A TTF session can support emotional release and the healing of traumas as well as an increase in sensitivity and capacity for sensual pleasure in the body. When in trance, it is easier to go beyond constricting beliefs that might hinder you, and incredible healing and unlocking of your potential can happen very fast.


  • De-armoring, yoni mapping/massage 
  • Extra Hours

Shamanic Energy Activation

1.5 hours

Energy massage with a focus on opening up your physical and mental sensitivity to connect to more subtle realms and sensations. Sessions are healing, nourishing, deep and blissful. 


  • Explore and practice energy orgasm

V.I.P Intensive Program 

1,3 or 6 months

For individuals or couples deeply dedicated to growth and transformation!

What are your desires in life?

Are there areas where you wish to move on, grow and thrive? 

Do you want to learn the art of Sacred Sexual Healing — the path of the Daikini?

The V.I.P program is a unique, educative and individually tailored program. You will receive my dedication to you, as well as the tools and knowledge most beneficial for your growth and expansion on all levels. You will be supported throughout the process with professional and personal guidance. 

It does not matter where you live, since program may include Skype, phone and physical meetings.  Also, feel free to invite me to your home for V.I.P intensive days.

Welcome to contact me for further consultation!


Skype Sessions

Minimum 1 hour

I am available for on-line coaching and healing sessions. Contact me to find a time that suits you!