“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

-Carl Gustav Jung


The scary thing with ppl being disconnected from source is that they are capable of doing anything to fill their own egocentric gap, to use and missuse others for their own wealth and wellbeing. A person naturally connected, doesn't abuse. Many living from the disconnected place doesn't feel their own suffering of such actions either. And it doesn't matter to express or reflect. It won't sink in. Actions will always be used as a mean to strengthen the "survival mechanism" through increase power and being someone. And that part will never ever be fulfilled. Look at many rulers in the world. Cruelty rules in many corners. Grandiose structured dangerous men and women in power positions. And some other sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths around the globe.

And of course, many of us play different power games... but that's another topic.


In the core, weathet we know it or not, we all simply want to expereince belonging and love and the rest is a cover up and survival strategies that taken an more or less extreme...