Orgasmic Living

I wonder when we´ll understand the relationship between epic orgasms, nature and inner reality? Pleasure is to be found everywhere, in anything. Awe and grace is forever present, its a shift of perception. A true tantrika, find the beauty in all. Thats tantra, use everything for the sake of liberation. Open your eyes, see the beauty - inside out. Not dependend on anything or anyone. And of course, again, its not a mind thing, its a neurological change and deep shift.. and isnt always that easy ;)

Though, as a start...

Experiment, letting go of the idea " I need to do seomthing to fix something " or " I do this cus am not good enough " Instead, use the practice as a curious exploration of divine manifestation.
Ask yourself:
- How can i use this practice for my ultimate expression of divine manifestation?
And just feel that..

If using the practice from a sense of, not good enough... its more heavy and limitied.
if using the practice from, what else is possible? I want to experience it all as divine expression..
Than its limitless....

For now, just feel the differencein the body of thinking in that way...

Kisses, Sanita

P.s In love with life and its endless possiblities