Studies on freqiencies and emotions by Sir David Hawkins,

Through life we go through various forms of negative experiences, traumas, holding on to belitteling beliefsystems that than creates lower vibrations in our MINDS & BODIES.

The lower frequenciues, shame/guilt/fear, vibrates about 20Mhz/s ( see pic ) and are much more densed then the ex Joy, peace and love. Since the vibration of these are more dense, they therefor hinder true JOY, PEACE AND LOVE to be primary vibrations. When these lower vibrations owns the show/drive our lives, we have harder time to connect with the finer in , such as feel and see energy, feel REAL LOVE & TRU JOY, connection to oneness, something greater and the deep sense of belonging. The lack of the deep sense of belonging is the primary sickness on the planet, this is the hole we basically try to fill with X. The dissconnection from the finer vibrations are the cause on HOW WE CAN TREAT the earth and the planet as we do. If we connected to the higher vibrations, these kind of actions are not on the radar. 1. cus it simply is not an act form purity, 2. We feel that we belong to the earth and the pain of the earth is the pain of our soul.

Another MAIN CAUSE to this is that we live in a society that is based on SURVIVAL = fear/stress. More than living, we live to survive, to FIT IT, BE PART OF ( more fearbased and separated than in communion ) and BEHAVE, pay our bills and have a job - even if we hate it. All those actions are survival strategies - and as long YOU ALLOW that to CONTROL YOUR LIFE, you will be run by lower vibrations. Or you will priorotize that due to be controlled by lower vibrations.

Now, can you se why it is such a great tool to CONTROL us through fear, shame and guilt? CAn you see the benefit on why religion, rulers and goverments have done this? WHEN we vibrate on those lower frequencies, we are more receptive for being controlled - hence its a natural respons from our genetics to FIT IN. We can´t sense the TRUE JOY from within, yet which is always accessable... Its no wuhu, but actual facts andlogic lookig into it.


YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, but can chose to re-strucutre your life CHOSE to believe and follow the current which alspo makes you happy. And as teh meassure shows... the more you can raise your frequencie, the more you expand your reality.



And YOU are the MASTER

If you want...