I am here, reading, feeling & following.

I stand in my truth, which is not one side but what what my soul beliefs and speaks is from love and justice. Thats how I wish to operate – not bound to anyone or anything.

Am currently confused and feeling/observing the the field of sexual healing, the different players unique expressions and where am standing in all off this. Basically, it is a quiet fresh growing field with many flavors of intentions, personalities, expertise, traumas and backgrounds and beliefs. All put in one pot and now being quiet exposed. This field, doesn't come with a rule book, it is in many ways controversial and many of us pioneers are growing/learning as the field is expressing itself. It basically now that this form of healing arts starts to attract more curiosity and acceptance. For sure, its a perfect playground for the prey/perpetrator shadow.

Personally am I surviver too.

For me, being dedicated to growth, truth and transformation, who also went through a fare share of abuse ( inside & outside “tantra” circles ). I can relate to being a victim. I was even suicidal after TNT 7 years ago, after a situation that in the name of insensitive narcissistic ego-bullshit broke my most precious innocence to pieces never to return. This is the biggest soul-ache and a great lesson too. I do see these situations on many levels such as personal, soul and spirit. I always do my best to turn them into souls favor and growth – to then use it as a super power, talk from experience while supporting others to grow and transform.

Can it be a collective healing too?

If paying attention, a massive collective healing is going on between the dynamics of perpetrator and prey ( this group / me too campaign / victims are expressing / perpetrators being exposed etc ). Though, not only within this particular scene but in many arenas all over the world (politics, cooperate world etc etc ). Its the perfect timing, earth itself, the collective soul and human consciousness is purging. And all involved plays an utterly important part in exposing/shining light onto these archetypal shadows. Simultaneously, on a personal level, it’s really shitty that some, including myself, have had to suffer greatly and pay a very high price.

Thats why...everyone need to speak up

I appreciate and support everyone speaking up. Voices are value and everybody have the right to express weather it is or not resonating with others.There is not one truth, and who would ever have the veto to say so anyways? For me, total transparency is always a highlighted guideline. Weather is projections on facilitators, a rant, blames or anything that can fuel growth and transformation for the sake of healing, clearing and transformation. I believe, this is where the juice is and how we clear and support the collective field to grow. We don´t need to take it so personal. Am curious on why there is such a massive anger toward the “victim mentality” and a more ease around the perpetrator? Often a perpetrator standing up, excusing it-self is celebrated while the victim is being shamed?

2nd hand information, spiritual awakening and intentions, whats rigth?

Important to remember. What happens in a workshop circle can not always be understood by those who where not present. Especially when around collective healing work. If the teachers ( those who are actually transmitting the teaching rather then talking the talk ) are more aligned. The energy sometimes works through in all kinds of weird ways which is far beyond the logical mind and can potentially look or sound horrifying for others, but it serves a purpose there and then. Remember there are always more to IT than what is often sad. Two sides of a story. ( Again, highlighting. Am not backing up abusive behavior. ). What am pointing towards in the part is spiritual awakening, Which is not always a game nor a fluffy walk in the park. It doesn´t come with logical rules and regulations. It’s mind bending and will crumble the beliefs into ashes so purity itself can flower. It’s an ego transformation and that can be very unpleasant ( and also wonderful ). Our personal truths in that moment are often being questioned ( note, am not talking TNT language  ). And this specific depth of the path is not for all.

Isn´t all about intentions!

Yet, if this form of ego exposure is done through power dynamics and hidden agendas - it can be very very harmful for a soul ( talking from experience ). As you know, humans are different walking the path with different longings, intentions and experience. Some traditions and teachers are for some and not for others, what is traumatizing for one might be peanuts for another. AND that’s what a skillful facilitator can tune into and guide through too.

Am sad to hear so many people being damaged, and happy to hear all speaking up as it brings a lot of clarity, understanding and can fuel for growth and understanding in the field. It’s important. I know, there is a lot of sincere people out there who do care and take these threads/and this thread very serious including myself.

Feel free to respond and ask

With fierce love Sanna Sanita