Why Tantra is so profund, this wild love, free expression profound wisdom and deep humility of its nature.

Daniel Odier writes:

" Reintegrating desire, the senses, and passion with spiritu-
ality is the only serious antidote to religious and sectarian madness or to generalized materialism, because nothing terrifies their adherents as much as these words and the incandescence they point to.

These people have a holy horror of anything that cannot be controlled, taken over, or subjugated. And today our desire, our passion, is to find absolute freedom, love, and plenitude without being bound hand and foot. We want to leave behind our ancestral guilt and accept the body wholly: It is our only door into infinite reality. Without the body, we would be nothing. With it, we can be everything. "

This is sweet melody to soul.

“If we stop delegating power we liberate our-
selves from the absurd expectation that we will be liberated by others. “

When will we STOP listen to outer authority for INNER authority? We all are born wirh intuitive knowledge, profound sense of wisdom and knowing. We don´t need fog our brain with external info. We would be much better equlaizing internal and external info. Intergration.

We loose contact with what is actually true in some hunt for what we believe potentially could be true, invented by others. Once true wisdome is felt, inside out.

There is no going back.

No return.

The beauty of lofe can fully be lived, fuck ups and flaws, passion and delite while living in contact with the truth of being.

Live IT, love IT, explore IT.