What's your character?

Feel it.

The vibration of YOUR true essence should vibrate with an INSIDE feeling of being absolutely right, aligned, rich, vibrant, purposeful. Its dominant & powerful inside. When in that zone, it brings you focus and clarity, desire and longing. It is achingly honest, grand and compassionate beyond measure - including firece love. It activates the true knowing of WHO YOU ARE and what you are meant to do.

I believe

We all have an essence, a flavor that simmers through our veins. A unique pulse of life in the veins. Similar to a blood group, there is soul-essence.

The repeating mantra

If we are interested in who we are and what we are here to do, a great way to start is to look into who has inspired us and what did we love to do as a children? Who were the heroes? Who did we look up to? what IS the characteristic of our being, unique essence.


Am often returning to the concept that we are shaped and formed through society, I find this to be one of the most important realizations a human can have. To ask ourselves, Who am I behind the form of my parents/society/religious beliefs? What am I? What am I here to do? Many are sleeping, and never asks themselves theses questions. And therefor from being wonder-children connected to magic, the light is slowly dimmed and we learn to rest in the form created for us instead of living the way we are suppose to.

Do you want to be a fabric made bread?

Compare, a factory made white loaf, airy, thin, flat, no nutrition and pre cut with a homemade dark rye, sprouted, thick crust crispy loaf where you cut your own slices. By hand. There is more potential, right? Who doesn't want to be a rich, solid, happy, inspired homemade bread feeling they contribute with meaning and richness to everyone taking a bite? Then, life has real meaning benefiting to the good of others while being unique.

Other ways of finding out your essence is to look into what animated figure are you? One or a blend of more?

In my case, as a child, I was huge fan of Zorro, Ivanhoe and Heman plus out of this world warrior women. So my character is Wonder-Zorro ( Wonder Woman and Zorro ) And she´s here to wake people up to true power, spreading joy and aliveness while being a sincere warrior shining light on the dark.

Not only does it resonate with my child hood dreams, it also gets me going on cellular level. Its creates a blood-thirst in my mouth and I wanna roar like a lion in that energy. Its is so real, true and honest. I simply know by the whole experience it provides, that this is what I have to do and I am sincere beyond measure to my mission. I care for real.

And, in a society where where we are no taught to trust instinct, its a ride and demands courage to own every part of our being.