A collective purge of Abuse?

As a child, before falling a sleep, life itself was cradling me into the void, I always felt held by something bigger, and loved falling asleep and literally dissolving into the black w-hole... I used to say that we where just a smaller cell in a bigger cell...

Why am I writing this?

I´ll share.

The Me Too campaign... I been curiously following the threads on facebook. Seeing many women voicing and sharing experiences.

Now... as a woman with such background, I have learned great lessons and using the ( and many others ) experince to support others, and today am actually "grateful", cus - who would I be without this experiences? I live an awesome life ( with challenges ) and helping others along the way!

I find it important to be the alchemist, to transform energies for something bigger, turn them and use them for something beneficial. If we want, and chose to, there is always a crack of light available in each situation. Though victim stories can be a challenging energy to work through since it simmers out in many co-rivers and forms..

What if, we are shredding the individual and are awakening as collective?

Another fascinating insight struck me this morning. As we know, its crucial times on the planet. And, as a principle the immature masculine has been running the show since thousand of years.

What does that mean?

A great example is the many actions of religious beliefs, slavery, political corruption, misuse of power, competition, ego, sexual harassment, raping the planet on its resources, wars & repression of the feminine in many forms. An energetic of taking - in the shadow.

Are we coming to an end?

On a transpersonal level, the feminine PRINCIPLE is rising, "she" ( both in female/male bodies ) has been repressed for thousands of years – AND among other, through the Me Too, it seems as the collective feminine soul is speaking up, this voice hasn´t been loudly spoken before. There is a deep purge that is happening, And again, its an energetic of collective abuse that´s being pointed out – its not unique for any of us, but from the field itself.

Its fascinating to watch evolution happening, and although much suffering on earth – weather we want it or not, we DO function as a collective soul entity. There is no separation. And if we can shift perspective and allow that believe to move through, its quiet liberating. When we understand that our one voice & experience, is the voice & experience of many. On top, present in all of us, are the infinite aspects of life.

So-oul what?

Can it be so, that we are part of something greater, that that what we believe belongs to the me/I, is not unique to me/I, that this/these experiences is simply one independent life form?

Its not about denying our one unique experience, but somehow DARE to shift mindset, focus from the personal and offer those experiences up for collective transformation. And through collective purge such processes are accelerated. It is really so simple, but not easy.

Are you ready to absorb another mind-bending level?

I didn´t meant too, but energy brought me into this...

When the personal is “sacrificed” and the soul has spoken, the ultimate reality is reviled. On the grander scale, we are all of these experiences simultaneously happening, as independent life forms with unique intelligence, and that is all what is happening...

It is multiple realities, the human, the soul, spirit and the void... one offers it up to the other to realize we are it all simultaneously anyways, and then the descend as individual can become an expression in fullness .

Its such a paradox.

Its liberation.

Feel it.

The invitation is to contemplate over this, feel INTO the possibility, curiously question and potentially feel the energetic vibration of this suggestion. It can be a quiet liberating and awakening experience...