Essence the whale shark retreat

Afraid of the wild?
Deep inside us, in all of us, survival mechanism. The fear of the wild, the forrest the animal kingdom. Our whole life been created out of separation, building walls for protection. keeping out, the distance.

Deep in that wound, the fear of the giants, of the dark, the gosts, the unseen the unknown. This fear, is and has since dawn of time been a part of human being, and every other living being. The evolutionary survival mechanism whos intelligence is nothing but protect. Evolve. But thats all its doing, nothing else. It can never act from love, generosity nor to tribe - it is just surviving. It just does what it does and what it is supposed to do.

When we allow our animal selfs, the scared of the wild, to enter into the wild with safety and security - deep aprts can be healed an dnourished and we can learn communicate with the whole again.

There is a lot and little to be afraid of, and why live in frequensy of fear when you can live in frequenzie og life? Its often a choice...

Do you resonate?


10 in later


Piece from New Zealand.

Today as enetering the wilderness, to feel her "mother", befriend her.

Inside most of us is fear, fear of the feminine principle, her roar, her power, her alivness. yet, shes teh abundant nourisher, she´s the one giving life.

Can it be so that we reject her, nature, wilderness as we reject our own body and inner animal? Can it be so, that in fear of survival we stay away from ... her. She/mother hs been raped and misused and tamed for life times, yet she still give gives and give - cus she doesn´t care. She deos what she does.

What happens if...

We befriend her, trust her to provide us with nectar, insight and life? can we say YES PLEASE mother, you can love me abundantly!!
Cus she already does, we simply gotta allow her to do so...

The new paradigm is about turning the clock, turning the poles of separation, boundaries and struggle for evolving, what if we can raise our wings and simply say yes, I allow U to carry me as you carried through eons before and I say yes to allow the intelligence to work through me more than I trust my self to work towards....

What do you feel?

With Love and see you soon.

Sanna Sanita